Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Feel Good - Look Terrible

I have really dark circles under my eyes. Let me hear your best beauty secrets for this problem. I am very fair skinned so the skin under my eyes is practically transparent. I really do not like the way makeup looks under there and am wondering, is there a better way?

One thing is that I'm very thirsty all the time, so maybe it's from dehydration.

My sleep habits haven't changed.

That wasn't even what I wanted to write about. Distracted much?

Ah--Okay. Wow. This is hard. It's so hard for me to say. I'm not sure there's any good way to put this so I'm just going to put it out there in all it's ugliness: I really hate exercise. I've been trying all year to get healthy and form good habits and I just keep thinking that when I do it enough, all of a sudden, I will LOVE it. I will enjoy doing it. I will feel great. Is it ever going to happen? Is there something fundamentally wrong with me? Will I ever be able to change from that frail, lanky looking, floppy girl who preferred scribbling in notebooks to riding bikes?

Tell me!


Keely said...

1. I've had big circles all my life, and seriously I don't think there's much you can do. People say it's allergies, or dehydration, or what-have-you. Makeup's all that helps me.

2. Exercising sucks! It does. But, for me, I feel so awesome after I exercise. Not I-did-something-healthy awesome, but the-world-is-beautiful-and-fresh awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hilary, I absolutely HATE exercising, too. I really do. I pretend that I just don't have time. But I actually hate it. Just run around the house with the kids. I bet you do that already! That is great exercise.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to hate exercise. I used to hate exercising, too, until I realized it can be anything you do that's not sitting down! Playing with the kids, going on a hike, building a snowman, or my personal fav: yoga. :) Also, I like loading tv shows on my iPod to watch while I am on the elliptical. It helps pass the time, AND I get to catch up on my shows. :)

Woman in a Window said...

Excellent! I've TOTALLY got the answer to both issues in one solution. No, no, you don't have to thank me. Football! Yes, football! Excercise and black out your eyes as though it had purpose.

yer momma said...

Take a look at the YMCA schedule and find a class or two that interest you either when you drop kids off at school or when Jason comes home from work. You will be happy to be around other women and the exercise will make you happy. I used to go to Jazzercise classes in Atlanta when you were little and it did wonders for my well-being and I felt better about my body too, as I do now. Exercise is my savior! love you, yer MOMMA

Anonymous said...

I never used to have dark circles and then it started to get really bad in my late 20s, like if I didn't wear makeup, people would ask me if I was sick, or if I hadn't slept :( When I stopped eating gluten, they went away mostly (except when I cheat, which unfortunately is a lot lately). So allergy? That's what it was for me.


Michael Boggs said...

Everybody hates exercising. The people who can do it and love it find somethign they really love. For me its martial arts. for some its dancing, for others sports... You have to find somethign that is more fun than just running or rowing or whatever. Some people need constant change (kickbox one month, yoga the next, running the next)... Its all about finding something that is fun and interesting. Good luck.

Louise said...

Makeup under your eyes: Depends on what kind you use. I have pale, pale skin and am transparent under my eyes. I don't like concealer because it is too thick. My skin is oily, so most of the make-up for that is too dry for under my eyes. Right now I'm using one that is not necessarily for oily skin, but it works for it, and it's fine under my eyes. When I use a type that is drier, I use a moisturizing make-up under my eyes and it is better. Does that make sense? Basically, makeup under-eye makeup isn't too dry.

Exercise? Most people hate exercise. I like one type of it--biking. I sort of like roller-blading, but I haven't done it in over a year due to ankle problems, but really, I like biking best. So that's what I do. I HATE running. I HATE anything indoors. I HATE most exercise. (I do half-way like lifting weights, but more like the way I feel when I'm doing it regularly than the act of doing it.) So my advice is to play around and find something you half-way like. Then FORCE yourself to do it (long ago when I got half-serious about it, I rewarded myself for exercising so many days in a week--something I really like--new rubber stamps)long enough that you feel better.

What about just walking? Really, it has to be something you like at least a little, or it's just plain misery.

Nancy said...

yeesh, i don't like exercising either. but i LOVE how good i feel afterwards. right now i'm splurging on an expensive gym that has all the amenities (to make me feel special) and i go later at night so i don't have to wait for anything or interact with strangers. it's really about being comfortable for me. if it's not easy, i'll leave the gym and go eat a bowl of ice cream.