Tuesday, November 04, 2008

While I watch and wait...

Even the kids are excited about this election.


Mina is recovering like a champ. I asked her if her teeth hurt and she said they hurt a little but not as much as they hurt before. I haven't given her anything for pain. She's been in a good mood.

This week is Leta's week to provide snack at preschool. I did not bake cupcakes. I bought bags of graham crackers, cups of applesauce, and packs of yogurt and if that's not cool then I have raisins too. It also happens to be Mina's day to provide snack on Thursday. I bought the cool bags of applesauce with the twist off opening which the kids love, but she begged me very nicely to not make that the snack she brings because the kids always ask her if she's eating medicine when she has that in her lunch. I argued that if they all had one they would know it wasn't medicine, but she said, "Please, mom, just please..." :( I wanted to bring something soft that Mina could eat along with all the kids, that was what I was thinking. Sigh. Wow this is so boring. I'm not sure I can bring myself to publish.

Tomorrow I'll be writing about Cullen's doctor visit.

Seriously? I have nothing to say? I'm just going to strike out everything that I want to edit from this post, but I can't because... Well you should know that I never erase anything I write. I change things, tweak them, but I never delete more than a word at a time... And I never work on a post way ahead of time. I'm writing this now, at 9:58pm, and will probably publish it in a couple of minutes. I have NO drafts waiting. Maybe that makes me a less than stellar writer, but I just don't like planning things very much. I like to fly by the seat of my pants.


Anonymous said...

1. As Tim said, even the school kids were juiced about this election, so I'm not surprised your kids were too.
2. I think it's cool you don't make major edits to posts. Sometimes the thought process is very interesting.
3. I don't find your posts boring at all. I find them very informative, actually, as family like seems to be the inevitable next step in my life. :)

womaninawindow said...

I wish I could fly by the seat of my pants but I have a deluge of annoying blogs in reserve pushing and pushing with their chests at the starting line. Meanwhile I bite my fingers to stop typing more drivel.

Louise said...

The seat of your pants is amusing. And interesting.