Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Madison deals with Norovirus outbreak

Mina woke me up a couple of hours ago saying that she was taking a drink of water when "the water just came splashing back out". Of course, I knew what was happening. I stripped her bedding, gave her a giant mixing bowl and said if she felt like the water was going to come splashing back out again, let it splash out into the bowl please.

An hour or so later she was up, up for good, asking what's going on, should she have any more water, she kind of doesn't feel good but she's not sick right? Not like Cullen right? Because those germs were killed by the bleach!

We sat together in the bathroom where Mina made me remove the rug "just in case it splashes" until Mina threw up a few times and felt ready to lay down again.

Luckily she hasn't been crying or completely freaking out, and I have been nice and calm (yay me!!!) about it all... But I have decided that I will just keep up with the laundry and not try to sleep because I hate interrupted sleep and I'm tired of tiptoeing in and out of my bedroom.

I will be calling her in to school today for sure.


More throwing up. She's being a good sport about it, and I am so thankful for that! She has finally figured out that it is much less unpleasant if it all goes in the toilet.


Madam said...

Oh, poor honey! What a sweetie to be so thoughtful and not freaking out. You've raised her well.

Madam said...

Also, I was going to post this yesterday in response to the brain-almost-falling-off bits: things going nuts aren't great, but at least they provide you with a bit of centering because you HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF IT. Sometimes it's just good to get out of your own brainspace for a while and do the stuff that has to be done NOW. (That's why I like doing crisis-y stuff at work: no loooong periods where I can forget things.)

*hug* Things will calm down.

Hilary said...

It's so true. In a weird way I was sort of like, "Ahh, crisis! I can deal with this!" and I was happy to stop thinking about myself. Before the vomit happened I had actually written in my notes not to be shared with anyone (ha...): focusing on self is driving me nuts
(side note: these notes started as just listing side effects and concerns to bring with me to the doctor--but I like this little notebook and yesterday just couldn't seem to put my pen down)