Thursday, November 06, 2008

Two things! Or more!

Leta, Mina, and Mina's dog have been sitting in their room for the last ten minutes playing a nice, quiet, polite game of Candyland. This is pretty amazing.

Cullen had his blood work done in the lab at St. Mary's Hospital today. It took us forever to figure out where to go. First they told me to go to the other building, then they thought I had to register, then I had to go back to the other building, and is it just me or are hospitals always laid out in the most crazy, illogical way that makes if feel like a video game or something?

Anyway... when we DID get to where we need to be, I swear I heard Cullen say "Outside" for the second time, and I also swear that he has started saying a form of "What's that?". They sound very similar. Like "Azza!" and "AzzaT?" It's a complex language, baby-speak. The lab people were really warm and funny and nice. It took a while to get enough blood out of Cullen though. Tiny baby veins!

No word on the results yet. The doctor asked if he should mail the results or call. I chose the FASTER way, of course. I wonder if he will call or if one of the nurses will call. I remember talking to a nurse at Dean when we got Mina's test results.

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