Monday, November 10, 2008

------SPECIAL REPORT-------

Cullen's first official word that is not mama or dada: lego.
this is actually tied with uh-oh.

two words in one day! Hooray Cullen!


womaninawindow said...

HA, the old lego fall down game? Endless!

Louise said...

That's funny! Is "uh-oh" the first word of all children? It was for both of mine. The "lego" is good!

Hilary said...

I think Mina's first word was "pretty". Leta's was NO. :(

Jessica said...

Mine were all the normal mama's and daddy's...though, it wasn't long after that Luke started saying Fleet Farm (feet fahm) and Yaya's was Menards (Nards). I'm hoping I can get Emma to say Home Depot so I have the whole home-improvement store first-words theme going. For the record, I remember Dean's first swear word was "dammit-puck." and since I drove a '79 volare at the time he started talking, that I called Scour Power (the color was very reminiscent of cow diarrhea or 'scours'), we would often hear him yell "skyer pie-er!" when he was near or in my car.