Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A sick day is a lot of 15-30 minute chunks

Every time Mina vomits I set the timer for 30 minutes. If she makes it that far, she can have a sip of water or ginger ale. Then I set it for 15 minutes, and if she makes it she can have another sip. So she gets a sip every 15 minutes, unless she vomits, then it starts at 30 again. This seems to be the best way to keep things happy.

Cullen is kind of tantrum-y today but no longer vomiting. I think he's mad because I'm not giving him solids.

Mina is curled up on the futon with a blanket and the giant mixing bowl by her side, and she is falling asleep right now.

Leta is energetic and bouncing off the walls. I am kind of crabby toward her and I feel bad about that.

I didn't try out the light box today. Hopefully tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Chunks. You just *had* to use the word chunks. Hopefully, tomorrow will be chunk-free.


Womanin a Window said...

ugh. the stomach flu simply sucks! Out, out evil sickness!

Louise said...

I know this is all past now, but have to say I feel for you anyway. The only thing worse than sick kids is having an energetic, healthy one besides.