Friday, November 07, 2008

Quick list of things about today

  1. More furnace issues today. Jason has been working hard to keep us warm. I am thankful because I had to take the panel off the furnace this morning and I didn't much like it. I like taking things apart and putting them together, but not things that have, you know, gas, and fire, and that sort of thing.
  2. Drama at Leta's preschool/church (not involving Leta--just church doctrine)
  3. I have a new workout that I like. It is pretty quick and hard and not boring. Something kind of unnerving though, is that my heartrate went from 160-ish to about 80 for five minutes or so right in the middle. 80! I mean I was sweating and working my butt off, and I didn't really feel any different, so maybe the machine was malfunctioning.
  4. My skin is getting pretty bad (red). It made me cry a little today, because Jason asked what was making it bad and I said, "Going outside, exercise, taking showers! Being alive!" and then buried my face in my hands because I'm a basketcase.
  5. It snowed today. I wasn't happy about it. It wasn't good snow. It was sort of freezing rain snow. Sleet. Whatever. Can't make a snowman or go sledding with that.
  6. Mina has a LOT of extra energy.
  7. Still no word on Cullen's celiac blood work.
  8. My eyelids have started spasming again.

The End


Caitlin Dale said...

Snow? Wow! Where the heck are you?

Hilary said...

I'm in Wisconsin! And it's COOOOLD :(

womaninawindow said...

Snow. good enough for hot cocoa thought.

And your skin. You know, it took me to this year to notice the direct correlation between my intake of water and my pimple production. If I don't have enough water I break out instantly. I hate drinking lots of water but my pimples make me sad.

Mark said...

my eyelids sometimes spasm too... but usually only when i'm tired in the morning.

maybe i should get to bed earlier...

Hilary said...

Mark, that seems to be the biggest cause. Not enough sleep, too much coffee, too much stress, spasming eyelids, and then it's a vicious cycle. ;) I probably shouldn't have had those two cups of chewy coffee at 4pm today. Sometimes being an adult is hard.