Friday, November 21, 2008

Plan of attack

I went to see Dr. Dude today. I told him that Paxil was horrible and I counted the ways. He said I should stop taking it. I don't take it tomorrow. I take it on Sunday. Then I take Wellbutrin starting Monday which sounds much better, but who knows...

I also got a prescription for a light box. Yippee!

Dr. Dude says us whiteys need to take vitamin D in the winter and that I should be taking fish oil.

I go back in a few weeks for my physical so we'll talk again then, and I'm to call in the meantime if things get worse.

I didn't feel rushed, it was a nice and quiet talk, and I have to say that instances like this in particular show me how nice it is to have a family doctor who knows all of us and how I feel about things, what makes me nervous, remembers personal details from visit to visit and appears to actually care.

I couldn't talk to a stranger about such sensitive issues.

Writing a blog is different. ;)


Anonymous said...

hello Hilary: J has been taking welbutrin for a decade or more, half the prescribed dosage. It works better for her than anything else that has been prescribed. All of the other stuff that she tried was a nightmare experience. Something about low seratonin levels, which contributed to horrible periods. And yes it is great to have a family doctor or two who you trust. I love you, f

Louise said...

I hope this goes better for you. Sounds like your Dr. Dude will work through it with you no matter what.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Hugs to you.
I'm glad you have a family doctor who cares about you and is willing to work with you until you find the right remedy.
It sounds very hopeful.
Dern seretonin. Hope the light box works wonders.