Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One Year Visit

This morning Cullen went to see Dr. Dude for his one year well child checkup. Highlights:

  • Cullen is in the 50th(ish) percentile for pretty much everything.
  • Cullen has fluid in one ear--keeping an eye on that.
  • Cullen's sternum sticks out on the bottom. Doctor says it will start to bug him when he's approaching middle age. I have to look into this more.
  • Phase one of flu shots. Phase two next month.
  • Other shots. Cullen sad. Cullen not like shots. Cullen smash--oh, it's over, nevermind.
  • Not quite over! Tried to do celiac blood test at the clinic but they said the fine people at the hospital lab are much more skilled at doing it on babies, so that's next on the agenda for torturing the boy.
  • Next stop is 15 months and of course they can't schedule things three months out at my clinic. Annoying!
I made my annual physical appointment today, too. Isn't that the most exciting news you've heard all day?


thesamsanator said...

I didn't e-mail you my password??? Gah! You must not be on my e-mail list, which will be remedied immediately. :) Sorry about that!

About the inevitable next step in my life... I guess I just never saw myself as a family person. With all the stuff that went on with my parents, I guess I just never wanted to get that far into a relationship with the marriage and the kids and all that stuff, but now I met this guy and I'm totally in love... which sounds so high school... I never really believed all that about when you find the right person "you'll just know it" but... well, you know. And now I want it all with him, and I kind of feel like the ball might start rolling from here.

I know that probably sounded really cryptic, but I really do like reading about kids and family and how things really are. It gives me hope, in a way. Not that I was hopeless about family life to begin with, but just that it can be managed without losing your mind and fun/funny at the same time.


womaninawindow said...

um, yes, that is the most exciting news all day. Not a rollercoaster ride of life over here today.

Louise said...

Don't you HATE it that they can't schedule 3 months out? I used to schedule my annual pap smears at the one before. But now you have to remember to call. And who remembers? The only reason I remember to do the kids yearly is because of school.