Friday, November 07, 2008

Job I want

I want to be a usability expert.


Sleep late... dream more. said...

I'm not sure tha tyou do.....

Usability experts often get frustrated because they see how things can be made better, the present a plan with reasons behind each change, give options of varying degree4s of difficulty to implement..... and then their employer says:
- no, we don't have time for that
- no, that's too expensive
- no, that doesn't really fit with my "image"
- no, that will constrain (someone's/everyone's) creativity if we always put X in the same place, and losing creativity=death

and then you watch people get frustrated to various levels by x/y/z that you *KNOW* could change, if only someone listened to you.....

....and then 2-5 years later, someone in a high level spot says "you know, if we changed this (insert all of your ideas here) this could possibly make us *stellar*".... and then they do it, but you don't get credit and you don't know whether to be happy/relieved or whether to cry cuz you didn't get credit or continue being frustrated cuz everytime they gush about how much better/easier/wonderfuller it is you want to scream "you COULD have had this THREE YEARS AGO if only you had LISTENED to us and taken our advice!!!!!"

oh wait.... does it sound like parts of my job deal with usability and usability analysis?


womaninawindow said...

Does it underscore how useless I am to have had to read the previous comment to learn what a usability expert is? (Don't answer.)