Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Times

So while I was at the dentist today the receptionist came in and said Mina was waiting in the office at school because she had early release today.

I rushed out of there to get her, then I went to get my GIGANTIC LIGHT BOX. This thing... Well that's another post.

Anyway, Cullen was crying and stuff so I gave him food and he threw it all on the floor. The kids were being jerks. My brain started to unravel. And then it happened.

Cullen threw up. Again. And again. And again. And again.

Thank god we still have some chlorox in this granola house. I do hope we don't all get it.

Cullen is now wrapped in a towel, laying in Jason's lap. Every time we move him, he throws up.

The girls are in their room watching Cinderella, waiting for their dinner of tater tots, and Jason and I have lost our appetites.

Ah, just in time for Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! So sorry! Hopefully it will be out of the system quickly, and you will be well by Thanksgiving.


Womanin a Window said...

Oh, you poor woman. Why aren't holiday germ free zones. Damn germs!

Wash your hands A LOT!

Louise said...

You need a break! If I could I would make Thanksgiving dinner (san Turkey--my husband would have to do that) for you. I would take the throwing up kid because that's probably what you need the most, but I can't handle my OWN throwing up kids. I am so sorry. I pray it's only a 24-hour one and NO. ONE. ELSE. GETS. IT.