Monday, November 10, 2008

Haha! Hilary trying to be a grown up! SO funny.

Portrait photograph of Bob Dylan taken by Daniel Kramer
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After going to the YMCA and blowing off steam I came home to have lunch with Leta and Cullen. After lunch I changed Cullen and put him down for a nap, and sat down to respond to a couple of emails.

Then the phone rang.
It was Mina's school, wondering if I was going to pick Mina up today.
"Umm... her next appointment isn't until..."
"NO, it's early release," AHHH! Damn you, early release! It was already 20 minutes past release time... I assured her I would be there in 10 minutes.

I went into Cullen's room, and of course, he was covered in poop.

And then all of a sudden there was no more air and my eyes bugged out and my lungs collapsed and it was all over. The end!

My hair, this week, looks a bit "Bob Dylan" I think. I think my hair is sort of like a mood ring. I don't know why or how, but I swear it is alive and it changes depending on how I'm feeling.


hadjare said...

Boy he looks so young there.

What did Mina say about it when you picked her up? And you know what,I bet it happens ALL the time. It's so stupid that they have an early release day anyway. I never did and the next generation shouldn't either. :P

Keely said...

"I went into Cullen's room, and of course, he was covered in poop."

Mmm. And my boyfriend wonders why I want kids some day.

Anonymous said...

hello Hilary: I feel the same way about my hair. Carol Line (music reviewer) asked about my hair once (during an interview) & I told her "I favor the 'just got out of bed' look." Actually, the more tangled & curly it gets, the more I like it. Yours is even better. I la-la-love you & thank God for you daily. ff

Louise said...

My GREY hair is like a mood ring. I pluck it. It is clear when life has been overwhelming.

Hilary said...

hadjare, mina was sitting behind the desk having the time of her life when I got there. thank god because you know it could have gone MUCH differently.

keely, that's nothing--I once found that Mina covered her wall in a poop mural. she had drawn all these glorious pictures... with her poop.

ff, I love you too and your crazy POW hair. :D

Hilary said...

louise, I wish I could pluck my grey hair. Unfortunately I think it would take me an hour! Maybe I should try... my brother and I both got started on that salt and pepper look a bit early.