Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay heat! And nursing woes

Hooray! We have a new furnace! It works and it's pretty (so Jason says) and I love not wearing a scarf around the house because I hate it when my scarf ends go in the sink. We need someone to affix some sheet metal for us. Anyone? Anyone?

Also, Cullen has been waking in the night more and more, and because I'm weak and I didn't learn from my mistakes last time (slow learner) I'm afraid he's decided that 1-2 times a night it's time to wake up for a meal. I think he's getting some molars because the latch seems kind of off. I think this is a sign that I should wean him NOW. I will have to get earplugs, though, if I have to not feed him in the night. I'm sure to get scolded for it when I go see the doctor. Well, maybe. His last appointment was with Dr. Awesome and she prescribed a book on how to stop feeding your baby at night. Maybe Dr. Dude will have different advice. We'll see!

That's all folks. My baby calls.


Louise said...

Good luck. I am too old for that. I was too old when mine were born. 8 hours at 6 weeks. 13 hours at 12 weeks. End of story. So when one of them is sick or something and wakes me up now, I honestly think I'm going to die. How parents do it every day and every day is beyond me.

HOWEVER, you have to do what works for you... not what anyone else tells you--not even the doctor. (Most doctors did not agree with me for my sleep-through-the-night plan.)

womaninawindow said...

Those sleepless years, oh god, couldn't do it again. Good luck!