Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Uses for old towels

Times are tough.

We are used to everything being so disposable, and when something gets a bit worn, or is the wrong color for this year, or just tired of it, it gets tossed. Maybe donated. But come on. Good Will does not want your holy socks and underwear or your broken toys.

I suggest you all pick up a copy of The American Frugal Housewife by Lydia Maria Child. It will make you feel pretty spoiled with your store bought detergent and the way you threw out that perfectly good string.

I have a hefty pile of ratty towels right here, and while I know it's always good to have old towels around because you never know when you'll have a leak, an overflow, a bout of food poisoning... But what are some other interesting ways to salvage old towels?

I did some googling and found lots of suggestions. Rags, dustmops, diapers, draft catchers, and pot holders were pretty popular. I also found some more creative projects.

I've been wanting a good terrycloth robe for a while. I could fashion one out of my old towels as this person has done.
Towels always take up so much room in the pool bag. Why not turn your towels into a pool bag? I love it.
I have a couple of these bibs that I got from a friend, and I have to say, they are truly the best bibs. TOWEL BIBS make a lot of sense to me.

I think what I might do with mine is make a braided towel rug. It sounds like the perfect craft for cold evenings at home with the family during this election season.

If I had a dog I might try braiding some dog rope chew toys. I could make a ton of them. Would you pay a dollar for one so we can buy gluten free pretzels?


Anonymous said...

If you're feeling altruistic and want some of them out of the house, we've given tons of old towels and blankets to the Humane Society. They're always happy to have them for cages and cleaning, even if they're pretty ratty. (Your ideas sound like more fun, though!)


SLW said...

Knit strips of them together to make something!

(Thanks for the kind comment.)

hadjare said...

Oh I want to try and make a braided rug again...though my sock one is stil around here somewhere...half finished.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I'll check it out.
I'm all for reduce, reuse, recycle!