Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tidbits #8763422

I have a couple of more meaningful blog posts writing themselves in my head, but then there is all this other junk happening that clog up the creative juices, so I thought I'd just empty them out here.

Everyone loves tidbits, anyway.

-Last week I chaperoned my first ever field trip to Schuster's Playtime Farm for Mina's class. I was really impressed with her class and she did a great job.

-Leta went on a field trip with her preschool class, too! She really had a great time and talked endlessly about it. I didn't chaperone that one, though, mostly because Leta goes to school before Mina and I still had to take Mina to school and then there's Cullen and I just didn't want to go to another farm, okay?! The hay! It makes the insides of my eyelids all scratchy!

-Spent way too much on winter boots, Smartwool socks, and the perfect shoes today. Mina got these Merrell shoes. They are a cinch to put on and she likes them. Mina has trouble with shoes, and it's important that she can put her shoes on herself and that they're easy so she feels good about herself.

-Have to work on being more on top of changing the furnace filter. The last time was at the beginning of summer and the last few days the heat just hasn't been kicking in. I bought a new box of filters and changed it and boy was it GROSS. Unbelievable. It took a while for things to start working but now everything seems fine. I had to turn it off and on a few times to get it to work. I'd really like to pay Jason's brother to just do some maintenance on it periodically when he is in town. I know it's a pretty crappy furnace but if we can go a couple of more years without needing a new one that would be super...

-I want to have some note cards made of some of my paintings/drawings. I have my ideas which ones I want, but I'd appreciate it if you could just wander over to the art blog and just comment on the ones you think would be good on notecards. Of course I will have my dutiful husband take better pictures of things where appropriate.

-I donated blood this morning. Five more pints and I get my picture taken for the Wall of Fame! This time I stuck with my trusty right arm vein and it did not disappoint. Last time I stupidly went along with it when the phlebotomist insisted that lefty would be the big performer. It stung going in, it hurt the whole time, bruised terribly and was sore for two days. Righty never hurts me, not even a little.

That concludes this edition of Tidbits. Thank you for your patience. I'll have something cool to say soon I'm sure.



hadjare said...

I have a pair of Merrills too and I LOVE them. Perfect comfort and I can slip them on too without them looking like clogs.

Louise said...

Tidbits are always fun!

-Field trip. I don't know why I'm compelled to say at any mention of field trips that last year, when my oldest was in Kindergarten, I loved them. But the rule was (small private school, obviously) that a parent had to accompany every child. It was fun! This year there is no such rule, but I am always a driver (I can fit 3 kids besides my own 2--they probably wouldn't be able to go without me), and being a driver means being in charge of the kids in my car. I do not enjoy this AT all! They don't listen. They run off. I can't take pictures. It's annoying. I'm glad you enjoyed YOUR field trip, but I defintiely understand skipping one once in a while, epsecially if they hay bothers you!
-I'll go to your art blog.
-Good for you for donating blood. I used to be a regular. I am no longer eligible. You make me proud!

Louise said...

OK. I'm back. I checked them out, and will just list here what I think would be perfect. (Definitely not that they are not all fabulous!)
-Clique (It made me laugh!)
-X-Ray of Fetus. The colors alone are spectacular.
-Shoe. (So "in" right now)
-Kitty (lots of people love cat ANYTHING)
-Golden Retriever (see above about Kitty)
-Tree with Beads. (Wow!)
-Laura Red Eagle.

I had to stop.

womaninawindow said...

Hey, the blood thing. Made me remember that I'm good to donate again. Gotta set up my apt. Off to see your pictures.

womaninawindow said...

love, LOVE Mina 2006! And those sharpie ones would make fantastic note paper! And that monkey just makes me laugh...