Monday, October 27, 2008

They're not just the hottest, they're the COOLEST!

Our furnace has been on the fritz for a while. Today it was pretty cold out and it was obvious that the furnace wasn't doing it's job. 64 degrees may have been balmy in my childhood bedroom, but I hate it when Cullen's fingers and toes are cold and being cold in my own home actually makes me really depressed.

Fortunately, my brother-in-law happened to be doing some work in town. You see, I married into a heating and cooling family. (cue angels singing)
Unfortunately, the prognosis is that we need a new furnace. !!!!! Is right. I don't swear a lot (stifled laughter) but this is one of those occasions when I think we can all agree it can't be helped.
Because my brother-in-law and father-in-law are so heroic, know people in the biz, and care about keeping my family warm, this might not be as horrible as it would otherwise be.

I hope I can return the favor somehow and not just by staying married to Jason. ;)

So, we have no heat tonight. It's a little chilly but I've got a kettle on the stove staying warm so I can have hot tea all night. The fan is circulating the air. I've got blankets and towels blocking drafts, the kids are bundled up, and you know, the laptop is keeping me warm.

Maybe I should bake something.

I guess a fireplace would be kind of nice.


david mcmahon said...

You married into a heating and cooling family? I'd take that any day, over a gold mining family!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bake lots and lots of things...with the oven door open. That's what I did when our furnace died. Just keep an eye on the kids. Okay, maybe close the oven door, too.


hadjare said...

I used to burn a crap load of candles. Like every candle in the house. Well I hope you have all the drapes pulled open to let the sun in. At least the furnace didn't go on the fritz in the middle of winter!

Anonymous said...

Yea, the family kinda rocks, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the heat of a real fire. Lucky you though...well married I'd say; plumber, heating engineer,gas fitter any one of those professions would have been ok..'stead I married a thinker.

And have a real fire.

Louise said...

I hate a cold house. HATE. IT. Buy my winter house is freezing. 57. And prices went up so much over the summer, I'm terrified to put it THAT warm this winter. I'm thinking of tryin 55. But I hate it. I want to move north where although it is colder, at least one can afford heat. I can't believe what it costs here.

Yes, a fireplace. Oh how I wish I had one! (But then I would be in front of it every second of every day... AND night!)

Sandi McBride said...

I know the feeling...just had to have the a/c refitted because we were having the opposite trouble, to much heat in the house and the circulating fan wasn't family member with a clue, but we're in business just in time for the bottom to fall out of the heat, wouldn't you know! Hope you are all warm and toasty...and congrats on the post of the day mention from David