Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tidbits #8763421

-I love the crisp mornings we've been having.

-Cullen slept all night last night! I feel like a normal person today! I probably don't even need this second cup of coffee! The real difference will be felt around 7:30pm tonight when I still have some patience left in my bucket. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself though...

-Michael Jackson is in the CD player in the van right now. I keep thinking I want to post about some of his song lyrics but I can't quite get it organized. I wonder about Michael Jackson a lot. What is his level of education? Does he face adversity in his day to day life? Does he hear the words of the world? What is his reality? At what point did he decide being a man wasn't for him?

-A pack of kids darted out in front (behind?) my van at Leta's school today while I was backing out. I swear I looked and they weren't there. Then, suddenly, they were. There was mom, tight lipped and avoiding eye contact as she carried a box of treats, and all the kids, and the pastor looking on. I suck. For what it's worth, I was proceeding at a snail's pace as I always do in parking lots JUST IN CASE there is a child I am unable to see. And no I didn't hit anyone. I just felt like a total asshole.

-I just realized I sent in the yellow carbon copy of the sign in sheet and not the white top sheet to WEAP. I hope Mina's TXs still get paid!

I'm done with my coffee. I hope you enjoyed tidbits, reader. Have a happy hump-day!


Louise said...

The car thing--you're not an idiot. The mom shouldn't have been tight-lipped. If I had been that mom, I would have been scolding my kids to PAY ATTENTION because cars (vans especially) can't see. It's not OK to dart anywhere and except said vehicle to stop. Thinking people will pay attention and avoid vehicles that could be backing out. Besides, how often does it hurt us to just wait?

womaninawindow said...

huh, never wondered about MJ quite in that way before. You know what, he is someone afterall. A lesson to be had, I think.