Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Mina is sick. Everyone got this cold, but of course, Mina is getting worse while everyone else gets better. She has the grossest, wettest, junkiest cough that she tries to suppress--only coughing a little and then breathing the junk right back in. I can hear it and it's maddening. At least she isn't running around on her tip-toes yelling MOM MOM MOM every two seconds, like last winter. She also has a fever (101.8 at the highest). She hardly slept last night (nor did anyone) and so she is looking pretty sickly today. She stayed home from school today and if things aren't better tomorrow, she'll have to spend her birthday home from school.

So, we're watching cartoons and I've got a giant pot of really boring homemade chicken soup on the pot. And I mean BORING. Chicken thighs, water, carrots, salt, cook four hours. Puree the carrots. Easy to digest.

She doesn't laugh when I tickle her anymore. She just says, "Ah, don't do that," and gives me the stink-eye.


Maggie, Dammit said...

My youngest has the same thing! But she won't eat lovely homemade chicken soup, she'll only eat disgusting processed chicken nuggets.

Louise said...

She'll remember the sick days with fondness when she's older, even the boring chicken soup.

hadjare said...

Oh yeah Mina should totally have chicken soup if she is sick too!

What else. Oh Tickling. I give fair warning that I am ever tickled I have the right to punch and hurt. I hate being tickled.