Thursday, September 04, 2008

The rain... Sometimes it gives me the blues.

Name that movie!

It's been raining all day. Cullen told me he preferred to stay in his pajamas during rainy days, and I thought he had the right idea. Of course I'm dressed like a "professional" because I couldn't pass up the chance to wear long sleeves and pants with cowboy boots. Okay maybe not totally professional. ;)

In other news! Mina's teacher told me she is doing really well. The only thing is that she seems to have the urge to make noise when they are supposed to be quiet. I will talk about this at the next team meeting as well as at OT to see if anyone has any bright ideas. I would assume this is pretty common, at least for AS kids... Anyway, I'm pretty proud of her for doing so well. We got her lunchbox back today. We had to go inside to get her umbrella and went looking for the lunchbox. It was in the lost and found. Mina says she left it on the table because she didn't know she had to put it in her locker, but now she knows.

It was really hard to carry Cullen and an umbrella with a purse on my shoulder in the rain waiting... Luckily Leta can hold her own. I think I'm going to need some kind of tarp to go over the stroller in inclement weather.

Eventually I will stop writing about school every day. I promise.


Zip n Tizzy said...

I enjoy the school posts.
Good luck with the lunchbox.
Hopefully she'd eaten most of the food in it already.

womaninawindow said...

Hard to resist keeping up with the school posts. It's good journaling. Glad she's doing alright.