Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quickly because I'm tired... Mina's first day

1. They lined up in a different area than what we were originally told.

2. When I met Mina at the door she almost started crying because she had to go potty. Apparently they went to the bathroom as a group twice, and she went the first time but not the second time. She didn't think she was allowed to ask to go to the bathroom again. This probably isn't the case but I'll have to make sure.

3. Mina cried after lunch because she was afraid she would get lost. I am guessing this is probably when

4. She misplaced her lunchbox. I think I wrote her name inside so hopefully she will get it back. I hope she remembers to ask her teacher about it.

5. She didn't get to play during playtime because she was taking a time out. She was taking a time out because she was making a clicking noise with her tongue. Evidently this was upsetting. We've discussed it a few times but I'm not convinced that Mina feels she was in the wrong at all.

She seems to want to go back, so it must have been okay.

She was chatty, mature and even tempered for the rest of the day. She had a 3.5 hour therapy shift this afternoon/evening but it's not as bad as it sounds. They did arts and crafts which is like heaven for Mina, fit in some programs, took a 30 minute dinner break, had sibling play, and started getting ready for bath/bed. She did not seem overtired/overworked at all. She really seems to prefer being on a tight schedule. Having so much free time just makes her irritable. I'm sure there will be times when she doesn't want to do anything.

Anyway. It's time to start the dishwasher and go to bed so we can start again tomorrow.

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Louise said...

"I hope she remembers to ask her teacher." I think that's one of the worst things about school. So often the link of communication is through the child whose mind is elsewhere. And then when it comes to their minds, it's past the crisis point. My heart goes out to her, and all little girls dealing with school.