Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mina, Leta, and Cullen.


I was worried about today because when all the kids in Mina's line started going in the door, it was hard to tell what was happening, with the scores of parents still in line... So when I noticed that her class was half in the door I tried to convince Mina to "follow the girl with the pink Hello Kitty backpack", but she couldn't see it and then it was too late and panic was beginning to set in. I tried to get her to go through the door and find her room anyway, but as one might imagine, she was not about to do that. Luckily the principal swooped in to rescue as I was unbuckling Cullen from the stroller ready to march Mina in myself. She said, "Mina, can I bring you inside today?" in the most gentle, calming voice, it was as if Aslan the lion was there to protect us and bring us peace.

Anyway, after school she came running out with a big smile on her face. She didn't get her lunch box back, but she also didn't get a time out, didn't get in trouble, didn't cry... She DID go to the bathroom, eat her lunch (except the applesauce because she ran out of time), she yelled for the teacher a couple of times when she didn't know where she was which was maybe a little goofy but she didn't get upset, so that's good news. I hope tomorrow is even better. Mina has music class tomorrow! Fun!


When I went into Leta's class to pick her up today she was standing with another little girl. This little girl was also wearing a pink skirt and a headband, and the two of them were giggling together. I knew it had to be the one she played dress up with every day and shared the spot on the rug... The friend was giggling and said to Leta, "You're so funny," and Leta said, "You're funny, too..." and they giggled some more. Leta introduced me to her and then told her she also has a sister who is five. I asked her name: Emma. So, there you have it. Leta and Emma. BFFs. Adorable.


My baby boy is getting more teeth. This means more neosporin in places I wish I didn't have to put neosporin. Today I "expressed" on the particularly ouchie side and instead fed it to Cullen in bottles. So that's pretty interesting and fun to read about right? Umm...

Cullen is responding to NO. I tell him NO when he pulls up on the entertainment center and wants to bang whatever toy he has on the stereo. He expects me to tell him, and when I do he stops right away as if he's happy to hear it. Today I decided to tell him NO when he grabs faces. I will continue to avoid saying NO to everything but it's nice that he knows what it means anyway.

Yesterday I realized that Cullen will pick food up and eat it if it is just one piece of food and if his mouth is empty. So I have to wait for him to chew and swallow before I can put the next piece of food on his tray. Whatever. It's an improvement!


Well, that's about all I have time for tonight. I'm on my second beer, I have to fold clothes and diapers and clean up the kitchen from dinner yet, as usual!


Louise said...

Go to bed soon! You sound as tired as I feel!

Glad today had some sweet and happy moments.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Aren't they sweet at this age! What a great Principal-- makes all the difference to have a loving one (I loved the comparison to Aslan).