Saturday, September 20, 2008

Barking daughter

Leta is up with a cough. A barking kind of cough. It made her throw up. She started crying and asked me to call school because she doesn't want to throw up at school. She has a fever of at least 101.5 but she couldn't quite keep it in her mouth. WHAT DOES IT MEAN, Dr. Internet?


womaninawindow said...

She's got loads of phlegm deep down and needs a lubricant to get it up. Put a vapourizor in her room and make sure the door gets closed so that she gets the full effect. Maybe a little of that liquid vicks in the machine would help or a bit of the rub on her chest and neck. REally. I really believe this. This is how my daughter gets and after two days with the vap. she's cleared her chest and her cough is more natural. Then a couple more and it's gone.

platensimycin said...

based on the description, it sounds like laryngitis. plan: bring your kid to see the friendly pediatrician near you (or at least consult him/her over the phone).

just came across your blog by accident; every enjoyable reading!

Hilary said...

womaninawindow, I'll keep that in mind. She seems fine this morning, aside from a bit of a cold or allergies. Cough will probably return tonight, if I know coughs, and I think I do. ;)

platensimycin, thanks for the visit and the compliment. I tried to go over to your blog but ACCESS DENIED! *cry* I bet it's interesting, too. :(

imbeingheldhostage said...

We have a kid who goes through is regularly-- we do what W in a W suggested. Today, we got fed up and took him in. The Doc says it's a mild asthma- and is treating it non-steroid to see what happens-- and yes, coughs are worse at night.. when you're most tired and least patient and rational.