Sunday, August 03, 2008

Out of Shape

I ran out of steam for running when it started getting hot out. Three times per week turned into once per week, and then every two weeks, and now I believe it has been nearly a month. Sad.

This morning I vowed to get back in the saddle and went on the most lame run ever. I mean it was pretty much back to square one, with the running and walking and running and walking... I found I could only do a few minutes at a time before getting totally out of breath and feeling like I would pass out.

I think what I need to do is figure out a schedule and stick to it. That sounds simple, doesn't it?

Jason biked to Lake Mills yesterday. He's my hero. If he did that once a week I think he'd be a smokin' hot babe by the end of the summer. I mean, hotter than he is now. I can't let him be the hot one!

In other news, the girls have been at the neighbor's for an hour. I'm nervous about it. Things have been so... tempestuous around here. What if the neighbors say they can never come over again because they were fighting? I think I'm going to rinse off and then go get them for lunch...


Anonymous said...

Well, that is where I get the genes from....YOU. I never keep up with exercise !!!! Just simple ones for my back and after two weeks I forget to do them.. Patti has been so good about keeping her self at the gym. Maybe that is the answer.. "The gym"??


womaninawindow said...

Yes, been one month for me and riding my bike. Yearning for cool day next month and the purr of my wheels AND maybe some of this flab saying goodbye.