Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Readers Are Cooler Than Me

My readership always goes way down on the weekends. I know most people do their blog visiting when they are bored at work, but I'm sort of always at work, so weekends are the same as weekdays and I always get disappointed that other people aren't all over the internet on Saturday and Sunday.

Are you having a good weekend? I am.

Yesterday morning we packed up the fam and went to Olbrich Gardens for their Blooming Butterflies attraction. It's the last weekend for it and everyone else made it seem so fun... I don't really like walking around with crowds and tripping over my kids that much, so I guess it wasn't fun for me, but Mina really liked it. She is the bug whisperer and got a butterfly to land on her finger. Leta got really dressed up for it but then confessed that she really thought it would be more fun. She even wore her pearls. At least she wasn't whining. My favorite part was getting custard at Michael's afterward.

Last night we got dressed up and met some friends at Sucre for dessert and drinks. It was really tasty though the minimalist all white thing makes me a little nervous. It's always nice to get out of the house, avec husband, sans children!

Now, lazy Sunday. Coffee, lounging in the "great room", occasionally getting up to redirect Cullen. Depending on how active the wasps are today, I may or may not do some yard work. We have that "prairie" look going on on the side of our house...

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Maggie, Dammit said...

I'm always thinking this same thing. I try not to post on the weekends in the interest of protecting my self-esteem but then damn, I can't help myself, I do it anyway.

I just happened to see a comment of yours on Zip n Tizzy, noticed the Madison connection, and thought I'd stop by. I checked out your art blog, too, beautiful stuff.

And I've been scared to go to Sucre for the exact same reasons. ;)