Saturday, August 02, 2008

Having a good weekend?

I am... It's nice to have no plans whatsoever. It's also kind of boring. Luckily, things are never REALLY boring around here.

Last night I watched Boston Legal with my sweetie. I'd like to be watching it right now but he insists that wrestling is really fun to watch.

This morning Mina was DRY. It was pretty exciting, even though I had to wake her up at 11 to go to the bathroom last night and again this morning. She was really crabby and mean to Leta, and then she was mad because I ate her cereal even though she would not eat it, and I was thankful that she had therapy this morning and that I was off to donate blood.

Ooh, I got the ok to watch Boston Legal.

Every time I have ever had blood drawn for any reason it's been from my right arm. Maybe not EVERY time, but I really can't think of a time when I've given with my left. Well, that all changed today. The woman took a look at my arms and determined that leftie had a niiiiice vein. She was practically drooling over it. Unfortunately it didn't feel so nice when she inserted the needle, the whole time I was hooked up, and for about an hour afterward. It wasn't terrible, it just stung when I'm not used to feeling needles so much.

Afterward, I made tater tots and scrambled eggs and then took the girls SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING! I was there at shopko with the other moms pulling my hair out over the lack of twelve packs of No. 2 pencils, lamenting the dry erase marker situation... It felt like initiation into some club. Mina was horribly indecisive about which backpack to get. She knew what she DIDN'T want... Which was ALL OF THEM because she didn't want one that was too big, too small, too babyish, too grown up...

I guess that's kind of where she is. Not big, not small, not a baby, not a grown up... **Goes off to cry instead of finishing this**


womaninawindow said...

That's one thing about living up here and there being NO shopping around here except some really bad odds and ends from 1970. I go by myself two hours away to pick things up a few times a year. They get what they get and mostly I don't get too much of an earfull.

Makalah said...

my friend's son is turning 5 and going school supply shopping for the first time this year. i LOVED doing that as a kid, so i'm tempted to ask if i can go with or take him. I don't know how my mom didn't get more frazzled taking 3 of us at once.

tyson showed me this blog and i thought you might like it after seeing your drawings and the $2 art blog: