Friday, August 29, 2008

Five year olds are so awkward!

Today was "backpack day" at Mina's school, where you bring all of your school supplies in and catch a glimpse of the other kids. It was pretty chaotic, but I was able to stand back and observe for a few minutes. Let me tell you a few things about kindergarteners.

1. They all pick their noses.

2. Almost all of them have goofy haircuts.

3. They don't play together or talk to each other immediately.

4. They can't tie their shoes.

5. They can't follow directions.

I think it's going to be okay. :D


Jo Beaufoix said...

So true. Isn't it a relief to know all the other kids are kind of nervous and goofy too. I'm sure Mina will be fine. Thanks for the visit. :D

Anonymous said...

sounds just like every programmer I've ever known...

Hilary said...

Every programmer except for my lovely husband, who would never pick his nose because he is fussy about things that are gross, shaves his head, will talk anyone's ear off, once taught a group of party-goers how to properly tie their shoes, and is a stickler for doing things The Right Way.

Louise said...

I'm so glad to know they all pick their noses! I try to tell mine (now a first grader) to at least try to do it in the bathroom if she MUST do it!

As for haircuts, at our school. Most have cool haircuts or no haircuts. When I see the no haircuts (girls with hair past their bottoms), I quiver for wanting to do something cute with their hair--at the VERY least evening up the ends.