Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Wednesday Randomness

Leta didn't wake me up this morning so I let her use my Rembrandt pastels.

One nice thing about extremely hot days is that it's easy to make sun tea!

I think these flowers are lovely. Do you know what they are?

I finally got a picture of Cullen's crazy tooth. Do you see how wide and jagged it is?

About ten times per day I can be seen wearing pink gloves.

I took a picture of the chicken salad before it was mixed so you could try to make it yourself. Then I took a picture after it was plated just because.


Anonymous said...

I made the chicken salad, and it turned out really good, even with fake chicken.

So what are we having for dinner tomorrow night?


womaninawindow said...

I really find that I enjoy seeing simple slices of life from others. It's nice to see everyone's context. I think our environments say a lot about us. Nice. Simple. Pretty and the salad looks so delicious!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Yumm! That salad looks delicious.

You're very brave. If I let my boys use pastels, we'd have a very colorful house in about 5 minutes. She looks much more refined than my beastie boys.