Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Ten

1. We went to Appleton this weekend and visited with family. It was great to see them, but it was a difficult weekend because the kids were on my nerves and I did not sleep well, because the kids, and being sleep deprived made me cranky and unable to tolerate the kids, and around and around and around.

2. I made a box of activity suggestions to be drawn from when the kids do a good job with things they have a hard time with. For example if Leta doesn't wake me up in the morning she will get to pick something. If Mina doesn't get out of bed and bother us tonight she will get to pick something. So far it's been working out well. What happens when I run out of ideas?

3. Leta got bit by a mosquito on her eyelid and it swelled pretty close to shut. She's been taking Benadryl. It's looking a lot better tonight.

4. I know House MD is kind of ridiculous but I still like it.

5. I'm kind of regretting making this a list of ten.

6. Friday night I watched my friend Laima make blueberry jam. Well, I watched the end of the process. Canning is kind of neat.

7. Jason rode his bike to Fitchburg today and he broke it. Thankfully it will be fixed for free.

8. The kids are up. Damn it. So much for my brilliant Box o Fun idea.

9. I'm ready for something new. What's it going to be? Do you want to interest me in anything new?

10. Cullen has injured me in a way that makes me think about buying formula--or at least nipple shields. Yeah... Nipple shields...


hadjare said...

I have a good one for you. It's called Excavation hunt. You take something small and freeze it in a block of ice. Then the kids get to take it out and "excavate" it with some paint brushes and a cup of warm water to see what it is.

Hilary said...

I love the excavation hunt idea. That's perfect!

womaninawindow said...

When our kids were a little smaller it was often a nightmare. There were years, I think, my husband and I didn't even sleep together. Makes me wonder where that second baby came from...

One that has worked with our kids to keep them in bed is to reward them with keeping something they already have. They loved their blankies. If there was too much night time commotion the blanket left the room until things calmed down and the little 'un was in bed. Otherwise I got to do demented things to it, like cry into it.

Jessica said...

I go online to the free homeschool activity sites (I have a buttload of links, but I suck and I don't want to go on Luke's comp right now to get them off right at the moment--later swear), anyway, you can find all kinds of fun/somewhat educational thigs to do. At the end of this school year, Luke and Rebecca made pop-up pioneer dolls out of old deoderant containers. It totally worked out since Luke had to make pioneer puppets for a homeschool assignment anyway, they were just double weird because you could screw the heads up and suck them Um..there was something else...oh yeah. I friggin love House. Last night he FINALLY got to diagnose actual lupus...Bonus.