Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad, Mean Baby!

Where in the heck did I get the cockamamie idea to use a nipple shield? Cullen just wants to bite the $%&#! out of that thing. And shield from the pain it does NOT, my friends.

I met a couple of neighbors tonight, thanks to Leta. We were all outside throwing water balloons when a nice looking couple holding a baby walked by. Leta's "POTENTIAL FRIEND ALERT" went off and she stopped what she was doing and yelled, "WHAT IS HER NAME?" Of course then we all had to introduce ourselves and engage in small talk. I joked about our utter lack of yardworking prowess and he said they hired a professional to do theirs. Sigh. We should have gotten a condo. :P


hadjare said...

Awww...Leta. She's so outgoing now.

Does Cullen bite at every nursing session?

womaninawindow said...

Well, look at those teeth! No wonder. (Insert squiggles to suggest must swearing here.)