Tuesday, July 08, 2008

About my brain (AKA "does anyone else...")

When I hear phrases I like they ring in my head for days, even weeks.

Last week when I cut my finger my friend was telling me to try Band-Aid's Liquid Bandage. I told her I had New Skin and I hated it, and she said, "New skin stings like a thousand bitches," and I just about fell off of the couch laughing. And then again, for the next hundred times I thought about it. It keeps making me laugh. Stings like a thousand bitches? Oh my god. Does it get better than that? I hear it over and over and it isn't anywhere near getting old.


Anonymous said...

Well thank you! When I first said that one out loud, my darling said "That doesn't even make sense!"

Well duh, it isn't supposed to make sense. It's ART.

womaninawindow said...

Fun. Always good to get creative with cussing. A good repetoire is necessary to get through the day!