Saturday, June 28, 2008

Three Year Mystery--SOLVED!

Mina, August? 2005

Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen when Mina walked up to me slowly and purposefully. She shifted her gaze from side to side, opened and closed her mouth a few times, until she finally said, "A really long time ago I had a scary dream..."

"Oh?" I said as I pulled leftover pasta out of the fridge.

"I saw something scary on the TV when we slept over somewhere else..."

I immediately stopped what I was doing and crouched down close to her. "What? What did you see? Where?"

Little by little, the tale unfolded. She would tell me one little bit, and her cheeks turned red and she trembled. Then she would put her hands over her ears and yell, "I don't want to talk about it anymore! It's too scary!" I would say okay, that she didn't have to, and then she would tell me a little bit more.

You see, it started when we stayed at the cottage GG rented in Waupaca. Mina became TERRIFIED of the TV. She'd cover her ears and run out of the room, screaming, shaking... She was hysterical! The first time was when something went wrong with the TV and we were scrambling to fix it, changing channels, futsing with settings...

After that she freaked out just looking at the TV even if it wasn't turned on. I had to keep it covered with a blanket. Then it was just if the channel changed, or words came on the screen, or the screen went black. We had no idea if she was scared of the words, anticipating something scary, scared of the reflection on the TV, a high pitched noise that we couldn't hear... All we knew was her reaction, intense fear and occasionally she would yell, "SCARY SCARY SCARY!!!"

She was STILL scared of the TV by the time we moved here. We never knew why. Eventually it got better and she stopped running out of the room all the time.

Apparently Mina saw a green guy on TV at the cottage. She said he had a long chin and was bald. He kind of looked like a cartoon but was real, with lots of grown ups around. She described with terror how the words came down, and how she had scary dreams about it. We did some image searches and concluded that it was the green goblin from Spiderman. It must have been a really short blip that she managed to catch.

She said in her dream there were holes in the floor. She said Leta was scared, too, because there were branches scraping against the window. She said Leta fell out of the bed, which she did.

I started looking at all these pictures and thinking about that time. Mina had a blood test that confirmed gluten sensitivity. When she stopped eating wheat, she started drawing these amazing pictures. She was newly diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified. I prefer to call this, "spectrumy". ;) After the shock and the worry and the sick feeling and scouring the internet and books, I think it started to seem less horrible, and I started to separate fact from media hysteria, and started to realize that practically everyone worth talking to is a little bit "spectrumy"...

Anyway... Here are some of our favorite magnetic doodle drawings from the early gluten-free days.

Jason really liked this bee:

I got a kick out of the shower:

Self portrait I think:

And finally, "scary TV":


Anonymous said...

Amazing. I would give anything to have just one of our weird TV mysteries solved.

Scary elephants. Owls. Chickens.

I know there are more...

That is really great that she told you about it.


womaninawindow said...

Wow, 3 years? Three years to bring this up. Makes me wonder what else they're keeping to themselves.