Saturday, June 07, 2008

Lucky Girl

I keep forgetting to mention something that happened the other day.

I was pulling grass out of places where I didn't want grass to grow and Mina was keeping me company. She was quietly hovering over me when suddenly she piped up, "Mama, do ALL clovers have three leaves?"

"Yes, Mina," I answered without thinking.

"This one has four."


Sure enough, she spotted a four leaf clover. I got really excited, telling her how lucky it was and how I've looked my whole life for one and never found one. She just had this perfectly sly smile and was totally calm and quiet.

I had her show Jason, who of course had to take a picture. Or twenty. Then I pressed it in a book, and it's been there ever since.

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Char said...

Oh, how lucky for Mina. I hope it brings her all the luck in the world.. I had or still have somewhere..I think in my baby book a four leaf clover. I don't remember finding it but I must have or it wouldn't be in my baby book. It was bigger than a three leaf clover..
So isn't Leta out there looking now???