Friday, June 13, 2008

I don't know if you heard,

but we've had some severe weather.

Our basement, thankfully, has not flooded. This morning the sump pump was turning on and off for hours. Jason went outside to see that there was a mini-flood up against our foundation where some PVC pipes are supposed to connect...but don't. The water was just dumping out in this spot up against our house. Luckily with some duct tape, spare pipe and the rearranging of some pavers, Jason was able to stop the water from spilling out against our house. This will have to be remedied in a more permanent way with some kind of flexible rubber joint or something. Hopefully such a thing exists!

There was also a flood in the girls' room. Leta, to ease the boredom while we were outside, took a bottle of water into their room and gave her stuffed llama a bath. The futons got a bath too. Isn't that fun?

Many of my friends did not have it so easy and are now busy un-flooding their basements. I hope we have a break from the rain for a little while, for their sake!

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Char said...

You are so lucky to have a dry basement... Usually with the kinds of rain you have been having everyone gets a bit of dampness.. Is your backyard a lake yet??
And Leta???? What gave her that idea.. That darling little girl should have taken her Llama in the bathroom to give it a bath and made a mess there.. No one gets baths in their bedroom, Leta..
I hope your rain stops before we come up there..