Monday, June 30, 2008

Everyone loves a picture post!

You know, it's funny... I have given birth to three good sized babies without any pain killers, but a cut on the finger has my life on hold.

I got a lecture about proper cutting technique from my darling husband, but honestly, I would have sliced the hell out of my knuckle and I think that would have sucked just as much. What's the diff? The knife slipped hard. I should not have been using this knife to cut stale bread.

I tried to get a good picture but I suck at that, too! Luckily my mom is coming over this afternoon. Then I can just hold my finger and cry while she does all the work around here. Mwahahahaha!!!


Char said...

I hope your Mommy made it better!! That is what Mommy's are for..?

womaninawindow said...

I slammed my finer real hard into my woodstove while chucking a piece of wood in. I lost the fingernail. I was lolling on the floor crying and all I got was two kids jumping on my screaming, "MMMOOOO-ooom, I want juicef nowwww!" And your mom come running for a cut finger? Man, this doesn't seem very fair to me.