Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Blues

I don't know why, I'm just really weepy today. It's laaaame.

The girls were pretty mellow, aside from Leta hitting Mina with a toy golf club and the drama that followed.

Jason started teaching Mina how to play chess, and I have to admit I had all sorts of anxiety about how it would go. My heart melted a bit as I watched how patient he was and how thoughtful his technique was, and I think Mina started warming up to it. So she knows the object of the game, how many squares there are, that white goes on the right, all about ranks and files, how to play with a king and how to play with pawns. Then he let her pick which one she wanted to learn about next time, and she of course picked the knight. Usually when Mina is playing a game she really loses interest quickly and starts sort of acting up like a bored kid in class. She really seemed... what am I trying to say... like she was cautiously interested? Reluctant but coming around?

My hair is flat and straight all of a sudden, and my skin is terrible. There must be something hormonal happening. Does anyone know if there's a big hormonal shift around 7 months postpartum? Before you get any ideas, you should know that I can't possibly be pregnant. We have the letter from our doctor to prove it. ;)

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