Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Plantar wart update

I have been covering my warts with duct tape every day and have not had any success. At first they seemed irritated and the skin turned white, some chunks of one of my warts even came off with the tape, but now it's like they have gotten used to the tape and are not impressed. THEY JUST WILL NOT DIE. I'll keep trying I guess, but I might need *gulp* medical intervention down the road. I haven't had much luck with that either though, in the past. Maybe I'll have more luck with these fancy-pants Madison doctors than I had with Dr. Tougas in Appleton...

I've been living pretty painlessly with them for a long time, but now that I'm running, they are bothering me more. Worse than that is the fact that Leta also has one on her foot. I've been doing the duct tape on her, too, but she has a hard time keeping the tape on.

Sorry for the TMI. I don't really have a concept of TMI after three pregnancies, and I like to hear about gross stuff like this.

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