Monday, May 12, 2008

Ma vie avec Mina

Mina got a new bump on her head tonight. This poor girl's head has been through so much trauma! The girls were outside playing with the neighbor and I was in the middle of putting Cullen's pajamas on. I heard the door slide open and Mina crying loudly. I heard Jason ask her what happened and her not responding and walking to find me.

Oh god.

She's got a blue stripe down her forehead and it's so swollen. I put Cullen in his crib (Jason finished the job) and got a cold washcloth. We tried to find out what happened for a while after that. We knew that she was swinging. Then we knew that the girls were hiding. Then we knew that she'd had her eyes closed. We kept... GINGERLY... asking about what the other girls were doing.

Eventually I went outside with Mina. I asked her if she knew what she hit her head on and she said yes after I assured her she wasn't in trouble and she agreed to show me. It was the wood on the side of the swing set--she was hanging her head way to the side and smacked it down swing. Ouch!

At least she doesn't need stitches this time. It's going to be a black eye, I'm sure. She can see fine, hear, remember, she doesn't have a headache or anything. I'm going to check on her before I go to bed tonight but she seems fine.

P.S. I had a great mother's day. :D


Makalah said...

aww! I'm glad it wasn't more serious and hope the bruising heals quickly. I once jumped off a swing and the wooden seat smacked me in the forehead and gave me a big goose egg...I feel her pain!

hadjare said...

Scary! Where were the girls when this happened? It's so weird to remember how much we cared about not getting in trouble when we were little after we had gotten hurt. I forgot about that!

I hope that Mina feels better today and doesn't hate swinging from now on.

Sleep late... dream more. said...

i once was playing too close to the swing set and had an actual footprint that stayed smacked in to my forehead for the rest of the day. awesome.

Hilary said...

Apparently Leta was hiding behind a tree and Jayme was on her deck. It sounded like they were playing hide and seek and Mina was closing her eyes because she was "IT".