Sunday, May 25, 2008

I don't like severe weather!!!

And it looks like there is plenty headed our way. Our weather radio has gone off a couple of times tonight. We're waiting as a severe storm approaches. We're under a tornado watch.

And guess what else

My nose is mad at me for drinking. It is bright red, swollen, tingling, and erupting with pustules. Hot, right? I'm going to abstain from alcohol until my birthday celebration in hopes that by the time I have to see anyone I will look amazing. It would help if I ditched the coffee, too, but let's face it... That is never going to happen.

I can't believe I hadn't written since Wednesday. Wow.

Cross your fingers and hope that the storms swerve around Madison...


Anonymous said...

I'm lame. I set our weather radio so it only goes off for tornado warnings, 'cause if you don't know about bad stuff, it isn't really happening, right?


Anonymous said...

I wondered if your radio was going off. Even ours went off Sat. morning down here with severe storm warnings.. The water spouts that form over the gulf are like little tornados and do just as much damage in a smaller area.. Like take down screen cages!!!
Glad you didn't get what Minneapolis did !!!

womaninawindow said...

I resent is NOT bad for you! (Is it?)