Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Laura

From the Meriter "Your baby this week" thing:

Your baby is becoming aware of comings and goings of the people he loves, and knows who is familiar. Over the next few months, he may start to be uncomfortable with strangers and get upset when you separate from him. Expect that leaving him at childcare or with a sitter may make him unhappy during this phase. Alert friends and family (especially grandparents) that they may need to interact with your baby more gradually than before. They shouldn't feel hurt if he refuses to be held by anyone except Mom, your partner, or his regular babysitter for a while. This stage, like all others, will pass.


womaninawindow said...

And why do I feel refused when my six year boy wouldn't hold my hand on the way to school today. And I said, "See, I told you you'd get all grown up and stuff and let my hand drop." And he smiled at this when other times this frightened him. Today he was happy to refuse me, knowing I'd be there the next time he wanted to scoop my hand up.

Hilary said...

Awww... I will be so sad the day that Cullen won't hold my hand anymore, I just can't even imagine it. My *baby*...