Saturday, May 31, 2008

For the blood is the life!

This morning was my appointment with Red Cross. It was a piece of cake. I have nice veins and keep myself well hydrated. I was done in six minutes. I felt fine afterwards.

What wasn't fine, though, was the way I kept stuffing myself all day. She told me to eat plenty of good food, so I didn't try to stop myself at all. I went home and ate cottage cheese with tomatoes and chives, chips, an apple, and an egg salad sandwich on a croissant... and then another egg salad croissant...

THEN as I was becoming one with the couch, Rahel called and wanted to have lunch. Well, I decided I could use a cup of coffee... So we went to Cool Beans, and Rahel talked me into getting some dessert. So I ate that at breakneck pace, stuffing myself into a food coma, when Mina and Leta said they were hungry. I took that as a sign that I should order the Sir Isaac Turkey sandwich so that Mina could eat the potato chips and Leta could eat *most* of the sandwich while I took a taste... Except I ate HALF of the sandwich. I could barely put together a sentence after that. My iced chai redeye did NOTHING to help.

Can you believe I came home and made dinner after that? I was going to just make dinner and not eat, but I uh... forgot! It was some kind of crazy chicken pineapple pepper broccoli stir fry. I certainly didn't need it, nor did I need the cookie after that.

That's not the end! Those croissants and that egg salad were staring me down. I knew they would be no good tomorrow. That's just one of those things you need to eat when it's fresh. So... You see, I had no choice! So you would think I wouldn't have had to eat those nachos while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The cherry on top was that I dropped my nachos and spilled greasy chip crumbs all over the couch. Jason asked, bewildered, "How did that happen? How could you drop the nachos?" and I just looked down at my mess saying, "I... I donated blood..."

Anyway, other than the ten lbs of food I ate and the nacho dropping humiliation, it was a cinch. Hey, two posts in a row detailing food consumption. I promise to end this nonsense right now.


hadjare said...

I lol'd.

Oh man this was a funny post. With the exception of the nachos (which committed foodicide) -- you had noting but healthy choices!

Kellie said...

I should really give blood. I'm type O and all. I'm embarrased that I never have, but I WILL!

I agree with Laura. They were all healthy choices, so I say, good job.