Saturday, May 17, 2008

Body Hangups

I'm not big on my legs. Here's why.

1. stretch marks
2. no muscles
3. knobby knees
4. pale skin that gets splotchy when I run

I guess I would be sad if they were gone though. I better check my attitude. Okay, done being a whiny girl.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sister. I raise you spider veins and child-bearin' hips for the win.


Hilary said...

How could I forget to put spider veins on there? Okay. If I could have all the cosmetic surgery I wanted, I would get rid of the spider veins, get a tummy tuck, and fix my rosacea because I hear they can do that with lasers. ;) Or maybe I wouldn't, because I am afraid of medical intervention. Vanity v. irrational fear? What wins????

womaninawindow said...

And your legs run?!! Mine just wobble...