Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad Mom.

Cullen has his first sunburn. He is already on his way to having rosacea. Boooo. It's on his nose and cheeks. I won't lie, it is kind of adorable, the extra pink on his face. Poor kiddo.

We had a free afternoon yesterday so I took the kids to the zoo after lunch and walked around for probably an hour and a half. We made a pit stop at home after that, and then went to the park. I just didn't even think about putting sunblock on anyone. I mean. It was only a little sunny, and kind of chilly... Now I'm remembering the words of the doctor, "Of course you'll have to use SPF a billion on him"...

*Hangs head in shame*


Anonymous said...

I NEVER even think of sunscreen until at least May. Both of my boys have had April sunburns. I don't think they count.


womaninawindow said...

I like to think it's like anything, a little sun on the face will help repell it later on. Like somehow a darker colour is stronger than a lighter colour. Like a little virus makes the body stronger for a larger virus later. Maybe you don't want us to help with experiments. I think I just shot our credibility!