Sunday, May 04, 2008

Accomplished Slacker

Slacker because I didn't do my writing group assignment like I said I was going to.

Accomplished because I did Actual Yard Work today! Bright and early I went to a local gardening store and bought some new mulch and a few bags of mushroom compost. I got to work pulling grass and weeds, spreading the new mulch around, and trimming the grass around all the edges.

After lunch I finished up with the mulch and then started working the garden which was a LOT of work just to prepare the bed. The girls helped by running around with sticks and playing tag. Last year we grew some mint and it went a little crazy even though it was in a pot. The roots spread through the bottom of the pot and wrapped their tentacles around the whole garden. NO MINT in the garden ever! Mint stays in a pot, on the deck or something. Nowhere where it could possibly spread.

I'm convinced that yard work is what good, decent families do on Sundays in nice weather. While driving around random neighborhoods eating fast food I have noticed this. ;)

Of course I had SPF 70 sunblock on so I won't be getting a nice sexy glow from all the work.

Now us good decent people sit on our laptops while we watch TV and occasionally fold laundry. Ahh, Sunday nights.

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