Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Science Experiment

The children and I were having a discussion about pretzels.

Leta said that when she was younger, I told her that cheese and pretzels tasted good together.

I laughed and asked Leta if she wanted some cheese to go with her pretzels. Of course she did.

Mina asked me if I really said that to Leta when she was younger.

I told her it was probable because I think pretzels are good with pretty much everything, even ice cream.

Mina hypothesized that the salt from the pretzels would make the ice cream melt faster.

We have two scoops of yucky sugar-free ice cream, one on each plate. The one on the left has a pinch of salt sprinkled on top. The one on the right does not.

After ten minutes, both have started to melt on the bottom. The one on the left has a melted appearance on top as well, whereas the one on the right still looks freshly scooped. The "puddle" circumference is about the same.

Possible problem with this experiment is the lack of precise measurement. I think the salted scoop was slightly larger than the unsalted scoop.

I'll let you know the final results.

Both scoops melted about the same. It's possible that the salt made the bigger scoop melt just fast enough to be the same as the smaller scoop. Further testing is needed.

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womaninawindow said...

If you need another laboratory to assist in any icecream ventures I think we could fit another experiment in...just maybe...