Sunday, April 06, 2008

Party Animal

Now that I'm out of my food coma I'm ready to write about Leta's birthday party.

-twelve minutes later-

Uhhhhh... Oh yeah. It was great! I'm getting the hang of this. I had too much to eat and got a little drunk, but sometimes the hostess needs to loosen up a little, right?

This morning started out rough. I was all wound up and the children were not cooperating. While en route to a time out, Mina grabbed onto my mirror and pulled it off of the wall, breaking it. It really shook me up. It shook her up too. It shook us all up. I love that mirror. I've had it since I was a little girl.

Things turned around though, and they were terrific during the party.

We have an obscene amount of Glass Nickel pizza, soda, beer and other goods left over. I really, really, really can not consume it all myself and I don't want to throw it away. What is a girl to do?


Leta has been taking some great photos. I'm going to upload them tonight and will probably post some of my favorites.


Yesterday was so warm, I was actually too warm when I went out for my run. How am I going to survive the summer? If I can't handle 60 degree weather... Also, I've noticed another problem. Well, you know how I was saying my right foot blah blah blah? I've realized there is something wrong with the whole right side of my body when I'm running. It's like the left side is on track and straight, and the right side is all twisting funny. Could this be from always running on the left side of the street, or is there something very wrong with me? I'm going to experiment with this. I'll be sure to let you know. (Every time I say that... it is the last you ever hear about it.)


Sleep late... dream more. said...

what'd'ya mean what's a girl to do?
(a) have Laima over for some pizza on Tuesday (cuz she's got vaca and she is BACK in the states!)
(b) freeze it. microwaved glass nickel pizza from yer freezer can be a surprisingly tasty treat on days when you ened food and you need it fast

Sleep late... dream more. said...

i wish i could edit comments.... what i meant to say was that I has vaca *tomorrow* (Tuesday April 8th) :)

I'm totally showing up on your doorstep (even if there isn't any pizza left).... after sleeping a million hours, of course, seeing as it's 1:38am and I'm still awake...

Hilary said...

Give my cell phone a call before you come--I may be out dropping off/picking up/what-have-you, but will assuredly be right back. And there is no more pizza. I commented about this to you via lj as well. I can make you coffee, though!