Monday, April 14, 2008

Oven Cleaning Power of Dawn

A few days ago I came up with the clever idea of cooking corn tortillas in the oven... with a pad of butter on each one... on a pizza pan... with holes in it... Well, as you might guess, and as I failed to guess, the butter dripped all over the oven.

Of course I forgot all about it, until last night when I wanted to make "roasty tasty" (roasted vegetables) and I opened the preheated oven and smoke came pouring out. Woops!

Wisely, though, I wrote on my dry erase refrigerator board, "CLEAN OVEN!" and knowing that I would probably forget, Jason reminded me today. Actually, he said something like, "If there's butter in the oven and you use the self cleaner--" and I said, "I'm not using the self cleaner," and he said, "Oh, okay".

You see, my neighbor had a bit of a mishap when he tried to clean a greasy mess with the self cleaning feature which you can read about here, and now I'm more scared than ever to use that feature of the oven. I've also been scared to clean the oven the old fashioned way, with elbow grease, and equally afraid of commercial oven cleaners. The result is that our ovens never get cleaned. This wasn't really a problem in my other life because I never cooked and I moved every year. I'm pretty sure Jason cleaned the oven at our last two apartments.

Anyway, our oven isn't too bad, except for the butter.

I decided to try getting it with Dawn and a wet rag, because I know from my cake decorating days that Dawn is magical at cutting grease. And do you know what? It worked. It was a cinch. I was sure to rinse several times, and yes it still has a healthy "seasoning" all around but this is an oven's natural state. The charred chunks of grime and the butter all came off with ease. Hooray for Dawn and easy oven cleaning! It only took five minutes!

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