Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Gorgeous Crown

Yesterday I got my porcelain crown. Apparently, it is beautiful, but to me it just looks like a tooth. I guess that's why it's so beautiful.

Anyway, it only took a few minutes and today my mouth feels tip top. Hooray! I really like my dentist. I'm feeling pretty lucky lately with the various health care professionals I encounter.

In other tooth news, Cullen is definitely rocking a tooth on the bottom. I can see it juuuust coming through. There's that last layer of skin to bust through I think. He's been slightly fussier than usual. He's also been eating a lot and I feel like I don't have enough to offer. He gnashes his gums and makes this angry boy face which I'm sure he thinks is totally impressive. Then with his massive paws he grabs whatever is near and growls while he squeezes it to death. "Cullen MAD! Cullen SMASH! GRRRRRR!"

LOVE it.

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