Friday, April 18, 2008

Leta goes to the dentist

This morning we made a community outing of it--that is, one of Mina's therapists, Mina, Cullen, Leta and I piled into the van and went on a field trip to the dentist.

When I checked in at the front desk I explained that Mina had an appointment in a couple of weeks and I wondered if we could all go in and see the equipment and everything. They were happy to have us as long as we could all fit.

Leta wasn't so sure about that big chair and it took a couple of minutes before she would climb in. The hygienist put the bib on her and told her that even her mom and dad had to wear a bib at the dentist. Then she showed her some dark sunglasses and asked if Leta wanted to wear them, which of course, she did. She explained that the light was super bright and the sunglasses would make her more comfortable. So far, so good. When Leta was all set with her bib and sunglasses, it was time to adjust the chair. "Now we're going to move up... Now we're going to lay back so I can see in your mouth..." Leta nervously gripped the arms of the chair.

She showed Leta the special mirror she used to see in her mouth, and in the other hand she had the scraper but she didn't really draw attention to that. She just sort of snuck it in and said, "I'm just scratching off some sugar bugs that are on your teeth!" Leta was making little fists but she did such a good job keeping her mouth open. She was happy to choose chocolate flavored tooth polish, and seemed to like that part.

The dentist came in and he counted her teeth (20), and after flossing, she was all done! She got a new Cinderella toothbrush and some Spongebob toothpaste, and was allowed to choose a toy out of a drawer. She picked a ring, despite Mina's insistence that the rings were all full of lead and totally dangerous. Leta really wanted the ring and said, "But she said I could have anything I want and I want the ring!"

I was so proud of her, and she was proud of herself. She kept showing off her clean teeth all day.

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I'm laughing! Yer Momma