Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been busy

wearing my cranky pants. Sorry to all who have had to deal with it. I'm taking a lot of deep breaths just... getting the kids in the car. Little every day things. I need to run more, I think. Sorry to Jason. I hope you still know that I love you immensely even though the look on my face and the tone of my voice is nothing but RAWR.

Mom desperately seeking approval at local hippy baby store would like everyone to know that she is totally cool with her son's preference for pink. She couldn't wait to mention that she bought him a doll. When he threw a mega tantrum she very loudly insisted, "YOU NEED TO NURSE DON'T YOU! POOR BABY!" and he was being a total shit. I got a kick out of this display. She received a medal for being a progressive mom. No she didn't. You fail at impressing the progressive moms!

See, I don't have anything nice to say. I should close the laptop and back away slowly.

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womaninawindow said...

The image of the mom at the hippy store gave me the willies. Hope this was your intention. Something just seemed so wrong.