Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This one's a dud. Trust me.

Busy morning. This morning the county case worker, Senior therapist, and two line therapists were here. We talked about a social skills class this summer, swimming lessons, transitioning to post intensive... Interesting.

This afternoon we went to the library and borrowed a big stack of books and forgot to return two books which were due yesterday. Leta picked out a book on cows and one on a sea turtle's journey. Mina picked out a book on gardening and one on craft projects. It was a nonfiction kind of day. I picked out a book about teeth, because soon the girls are going to the dentist, and Mina has three loose teeth.

This weekend is supposed to be cold. Booo! Hisssss! Okay, I have resorted to blogging about the weather. How about something more interesting? Like...MY SKIN?

When I get hungry, my face gets flushed and starts to itch. Awesome, right? I love my body. It is always doing something interesting. That sounds terrible. I am just going to close the laptop and back away slowly now.

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